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Manabu Komori was born and raised in Japan. After learning basics photography at a creative vocational school and working at a couple different photo studios as an assistant photographer, he started developing own theory and technique for taking portrait. His deep interests towards human and every single person's originality have never stopped. Everyone is different, so the world is beautiful. With his camera, he has been seeking a moment to represent who the person really is.

写真家・小森 学

1975年 北海道大樹町生まれ。札幌在住。



Published a book "Hokkaido people over 100 years old" (2019)


"100 Years of Aiming" won a Second Place at Aging as Art Competition (2021)

Published a book "Hokkaido people over 100 years old" (2019)


 "100 Years of Aiming", "The world's oldest man", "Pray", "101 Years Old, Wise and Precious" are selected for exhibition at the Ontario International Airport, Bowers Museum, Newport Beach Library.



100 Years of Aiming

He had served for 10 years in the Japanese military when the World War II ended. All those years, he had strongly determined to protect as many his subordinates’ lives as possible on the battlefield.When the war ended, he was relieved from the intense pressure and nervousness of being in charge of so many young lives. Now he calmly aims a target for peace.

* won a 2nd prize at Aging as Art Show in California, USA


*2021年アメリカ”Aging as Art展”にて2位入賞作品

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